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Topics to Consider when Preparing for a Remodel:
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How do you decide who to work with?

It’s important to work with individuals that you like and feel that you can get along with.  You will be developing  a relationship with us and we will be meeting on a regular basis throughout the entire project.  This should be strongly considered by both parties before proceeding any further.

How do you know the firm is qualified?

It is important that you work with a company that is licensed, bonded and insured. This is both good for the liability of your investment and reliability of the team. Be weary of unlicensed and uninsured individuals even if they are cheaper.  You will likely pay for it in the end.  Also, having acquired the proper licenses and insurance doesn't necessarily equate to good quality in craftsmanship.  It's recommend that you do additional research on all of the companies that you are considering in order to narrow down your options.  Read past client reviews on-line, study the firm's portfolio and business methods and ask for references of past clients that you can personally speak with.

What type of service are you looking for?

Ask yourself what your expectations are for your project.  If you are looking for a full service experience, then we just might be the firm for you.  

Unlike most, we are a full-service company.  Generally speaking, this means that if you decide that you wish to personally take on any of the many facets of your remodel project, we likely will not be the team for you. As a full-service firm, we have perfected our personalized process to allow us to lead the project seamlessly through to completion and your satisfaction.  This allows for the project to have as minimal impact on you so that you and your family can enjoy the process and get back to your regular home life.  This also allows for us to plan as accurately as possible to minimize timely and costly mistakes.

Our custom process creates simplicity and organization throughout the complicated planning and construction process in order to complete your project in a timely fashion with minimal hiccups.  

See our comparison graph to see if we are the right firm for you.

What will it cost?

You will need to consider your project financial investment and communicate any cost concerns with us so that we can discuss the options and feasibility of your remodel.  See our

Investment & Estimating page for additional information regarding your investment.

We are not a bidding firm so we are not able to give an estimate immediately after meeting with you and seeing your space.  As a Design/Build Firm we approach our projects differently.  To avoid the standard pre-mature contractor style estimates that typically go array once construction begins, we instead begin with the design phase which helps us to properly identify the scope of work to be conducted.  See our

Design 2 Build Process for additional information.  


Do I need to re-locate during my remodel?

This can be a difficult question to answer.  It really depends on the size and scope of your desired remodel.  This can also be determined by the size of the household and possibly ages of the members in your family.  Generally it is a good idea to relocate for projects larger then a single bathroom remodel.  When the construction team doesn't need to conduct extensive set up and clean up morning and night they can spend more time on completing the project in a shorter time frame.  The real answer to this question can be determined upon meeting and seeing the space(s) in person.

Contact House 2 Home Design & Build and set up an appointment to share your vision for your home.

What is Design/Build?

Preparing for a Remodel

The Design Phase

Design 2 Build Process

Investment & Estimating

Are we the right Firm for you?

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