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Investment & Estimating:
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Remodeling within your Investment:

It's important that your remodel project stays within your desired investment amount.  This can be tricky to achieve with the many variables that custom remodels possess.  It is for this reason that we have developed our 'Design 2 Build Process' which allows us to create a detailed estimate with realistic pricing parallel with the exact scope of work.  Before getting started it is important that we talk about all of your concerns regarding your investment amount so that we can conclude the feasibility of your desired project within your desired range.  Good communication in this area eliminates confusion and disappointment during the design phase.

Design Based Estimate:

Undergoing a remodel is an exciting step and it can also be very costly.  At House 2 Home Design & Build we do things differently to ensure the success of your project.  Unlike many contractor based companies we will not supply an estimate based on a short meeting and walk-through of your home.  We found that this method of estimating is greatly inaccurate and creates costly, delayed construction and disappointment.  

Instead we start with the design phase and collaborate together on deciding the many details involved.  Our process not only acquires accurate and detailed estimates, it also ensures that the estimate is based on a mutual understanding of the design and desired outcome of your project.  The estimate is accurate as it is entirely based on the actual scope of work to be performed.

Fixed Construction Price:

By developing the design and planning the details in advance we are able to establish an accurate construction estimate based on the exact scope of work.  This method establishes estimates that become fixed and don't change during the construction phase.

Change Orders:

Change orders are a normal and expected as part of a remodel.  It's our goal to minimize change orders as much as possible in order to stay on budget.   Change orders don't typically occur accept due to the possibility of unexpected existing damage to the structure and client desired add-ons.

Knowing What to Expect:

More often than not, home owners are unaware of realistic remodeling costs.  It is common that home owners don't know what to expect and are often surprised at the ranges in cost for the service, quality in craftsmanship and material styles that interest them.  This can occur for many reasons including inexperience or lack of proper research.  It's important that you prepare properly and choose to work with a quality company.  The truth of the matter is remodeling is costly and you do get what you pay for.  It's important to research creditable sources so that you are not disappointed.  If the information you receive from companies seems too good to be true, it likely is.  Your home is an investment and should be treated with utmost care.  Companies who claim they can complete your project in a short period of time for little money often make these empty promises to get the job.

Here is a good example of how to look at your project. Below is a common diagram referred to as ‘the project triangle’ or ‘the three legged stool’.  The idea is that it’s impossible to achieve all three areas without one area costing you.

What is Design/Build?

Preparing for a Remodel

The Design Phase

Design 2 Build Process

Investment & Estimating

Are we the right Firm for you?

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Pick any Two

Quality & Price - Project will lack speed: Your contractor can’t afford to pay a team.  In order to complete the project and make a little money, he is stretching himself thin by doing the work himself.  He is likely attempting to take on multiple projects in order to keep business moving forward.

Price & Speed - Project will lack quality: Corners will be cut by an underpaid team that lack proper planning, incentive to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Speed & Quality - Project will lack low pricing: Your project will require a team of professionals who have a passion for their work and are properly compensated.  House 2 Home Design & Build falls under this category.

It’s not possible to achieve all three areas.  You will always have to give in one area or another.  If by chance you do find a company that offers all three you should be weary. It is likely that the company is making empty promises that will cause turmoil at some point in the project.