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Aging in Place / Universal Design:
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What is design for ‘Aging in Place’ and ‘Universal Design’ ?

Design for aging in place  is remodeling your home with special considerations to prepare for your ability to continue living in your home as your aging needs and abilities change over time.

Universal design refers to remodeling your home with special considerations for family members of different ages and heights including disabilities such as wheelchair accessibility, mobility and special needs.

How will this design specialty benefit me?

Both of these specialty design styles are vital to improving you and your families quality of life within your home by carefully considering all of the areas that your home can possibly inhibit you over time.  Some benefits include preparing for:

It doesn’t need to look or feel institutional!

These forward thinking design styles are very beneficial for those who want to stay in their home for as long as possible.  Rest assured, your new home remodel doesn’t need to look or even feel like a hospital.  In fact, you will be amazed at how we are able to implement designer techniques today that will help you in your later years.  As professional designers it is our goal to ‘hide’ the accessible features into the design so that you can use and enjoy your space today and years from now.

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Aging in Place / Universal Design